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A Very Maker Christmas

So as I get older and my friends and family get older buying meaningful gifts gets harder. Because lets face it, most people (that have the money anyway) will just buy the things they want/need. So this year I thought I'd put my printer to work and make a few of the gifts.  So I'll start with the smaller projects and work my way up from there. 
 So my wife and her long time friend decided several years ago to start exchanging ornaments as their presents to each other. So this usually mans as we go on trips through out the years we also look at ornaments to find the "perfect" one. This year I talked my wife into letting me make one for them. So I made a lithophane ornament using one of their family photos. It was surprisingly simple thanks to this site, . Basically you upload an image them play with the settings till you get what you want and then just download the .stl file. The printing was super easy, you just stand the place …

My favorite things this year...

Not in any particular order...

Oculus Rift & Touch
Whether you believe it or not VR is here to stay and for very good reasons.  Nothing can compare to the experience of being in an experience.  This is something that you just can grasp unless you try it for yourself.
Minecraft (For the Oculus Rift) & Minecraft (For GearVR)
I was never a fan of Minecraft and I didn't see the allure until I tried it in VR.  This is hands down the best experience I've had in gaming and nothing is more enjoyable to me then strapping on that headset and playing Minecraft with my kids (they mainly use tablets and/or laptops).
Robo C2
While it is far from perfect this offers a relatively painless way to get into 3D printing.  Though it is a bit pricey for what you get...but there support is top-notch and something I can see myself using for years to come.

Pixar does it again with Coco.

I took the family to see Coco this weekend.  What an amazing movie.  As always (sans Cars 2..what a pile of crap that was..), Pixar hits it out of the park in terms of story, emotion and visuals.  I would highly recommend checking this one out in theaters as it beautiful.

Adding Touch Support

So adding Oculus Touch support was relatively simple,  but I was having an issue were the hands weren't translation properly with the headset...honestly feel pretty dumb taking as long as I did to figure out the LocalAvatar GameObject should be a child of the tracking volume.

And so it begins....

I live and breath indie game development.  Aside from being a dad, it is one of the most rewarding things I can think of.  After taking about a year and a half off I can finally be back to it. So the past month or so has mainly been design, modeling and roughing out the overall  project.  Last night I actually started to code!  Nothing major, I made a quick room in blender and started coding the mechanics in Unity. Basically in this "level 0" I'll figure out the core mechanics then move onto level (or world) creation. Expect more to come.