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A Very Maker Christmas

So as I get older and my friends and family get older buying meaningful gifts gets harder. Because lets face it, most people (that have the money anyway) will just buy the things they want/need. So this year I thought I'd put my printer to work and make a few of the gifts.  So I'll start with the smaller projects and work my way up from there. 

 So my wife and her long time friend decided several years ago to start exchanging ornaments as their presents to each other. So this usually mans as we go on trips through out the years we also look at ornaments to find the "perfect" one. This year I talked my wife into letting me make one for them. So I made a lithophane ornament using one of their family photos. It was surprisingly simple thanks to this site, . Basically you upload an image them play with the settings till you get what you want and then just download the .stl file. The printing was super easy, you just stand the place the model on the print bed in a vertical orientation (very important part). Once the print in complete you get this somewhat creepy looking relief style sculpture...but once you shine light through does it look cool


 I also added a simple frame around it to add the year and a place to tie a ribbon to it.

Next I decided to make a Sonic Screwdriver for my brother (a huge Dr. Who fan),  I was slightly disappointed in the lack of locking the open position, but overall it came out good.

Last but certainly not least I made the master sword for the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time,  This thing is amazing, but I sunk a shitload of hours into it and there were many nights that I regretted my decision to make it.  Once it was done though I knew my buddy would love it (which he did).  Check this thing out!

Here is my son holding it to show how massive this thing is...